NFA E-File Instructions

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NFA E-File Instructions

This first section will cover ATF Form 4’s, E-File Form 1’s will be covered below.


1. Create an account on – you can follow that link and click on the green register button.

2. Make sure all of the information you enter into your account is accurate and spelled correctly.

3. They will issue you a Username that has the first initial of your first name and the first five letters of your last name followed by five numbers (e.g JSMITH12345)

4. You will create a four digit pin number and a password.

5. Save your login information. We will need your Username and Pin Number to complete the Form 4 application.

6. Choose a suppressor and pay for it in full. We can only start the Form 4 process once the item is paid for.

7. We can do your Fingerprints and Photo in store now so, no need to go out and get anything done. Just bring a Driver’s License or Photo ID

8. The $200 tax stamp will be paid for with card through the portal.

9. Wait. Current wait times are all over the place at the moment so, we can’t really give a ball park on when your tax stamp and form 4 will be approved. We’ve seen as short as 2-3 months and as long as 9-10 months.


ATF Form 1’s must be done by yourself since we are not transferring any items from our store but, we can provide you with the fingerprints and photo needed to complete that form.

The process is essentially the same as the Form 4. You’re just doing it on your own.

Enter in all of your information accurately.

Enter in all of the manufacturer information, model numbers, serial numbers and barrel length. The overall length can typically be found with a quick Google search of “(barrel length) SBR Overall Length”

Form 1 wait times are typically shorter than Form 4’s. From what we’ve seen around 30 days from submission is typical but we’ve seen as long as 120+ days.

If you have any other questions you can email us or stop by our store at 118 Hankwoods Drive in Beckley, WV 25801. We’re located right across the street from Mountaineer Ford on Eisenhower Dr.